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headless (Kopflos)

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"HEADLESS (KOPFLOS)" is a piece for 3 players with 3 recorders in each case, soprano, alto recorder and tenor recorder. During the coarse of the piece the players have to change their recorders. At the beginning and in the final part the players feet are rammed on the ground several times. In the centre of the piece you can find a divided part for improvisation. In its first part it is played by an added tenor recorder head, and it is accompanied by two players. That head is handed on by one to the next player. In other words every player improvises by the head once and accompanies one given template with his recorder several times. In the second part of the improvisation part short given motives are repeated by and by and in increasingly shorter intervals. In this chamber piece the players have to master several musical challenges:
organisation (procedure)
changing the recorder during the performance
keeping tempo
modern playing techniques
stimulating the soloist's creativity
"HEADLESS (KOPFLOS)" has been written as an obligatory piece of contemporary music for "Prima la Musica" in 2013, an Austrian music contest for young musicians. It is suited very well for recorder students in the fourth year of learning.

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Johannes Kobald
More details in music austria Database:
headless (Kopflos)

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