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Die Sternschnuppe über Wien

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Title (English): The Falling Star Over Vienna
Score Language: German & English
Page Size: A4
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Utensils: Handkerchief set on piano strings
TECHNIQUES: for recorder: flutter tongue, glissando, sputato and overblowing. for piano: finger tremolo on piano strings, tapping, fingernail game on piano strings. The recorder's frequences sets the piano strings in movement. I wrote "The Falling Star over Vienna" for recorder students from the third year of learning and a professional piano accompaniment. It is a good choice for competition examination and concert.
CONTENT: At the beginning of the piece you describe the starry sky of Vienna at night. It is calm, sometimes broken by vague, unfamiliar sounds of the night. Suddenly you see a shooting star clear and bright passing by. Excited of this short intensive action you want to follow its tail, you don’t want to lose it...

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Johannes Kobald
More details in music austria Database:
Die Sternschnuppe über Wien

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