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5 & 3

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"5 &3" is a piece for organ solo with at least two manuals. It is the second part of the ORGAN TRILOGY.
 In the organ piece "5 & 3" the time signature changes between three-four time and five-eight time constantly. Therefore, a feeling of a limping course picture occurs when listening to the music. It resembles the picture of a real limping person. Actually this piece is dedicated to all those which have become a victim of landmines.
In his form "5 & 3" is a little bit comparable with the instrumental genre of a baroque trio sonata. There are two equal upper voices accompanied by a basso continuo. Even you can hear additional sound motives that remind intensively of a twittering bird flying over a flower meadow.
The character in "5 & 3" is very joyfully and lively. It describes the positive thinking of a mine victim, which survived the accident, although with physical damage.

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Johannes Kobald
More details in music austria Database:
5 & 3

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